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Jushen has a great and reliable production capacity thanks to our independently operated blanking workshop, metal processing workshop, cold workshop, electrical workshop, assembly workshop, steel warehouse, purchased parts warehouse, raw material warehouse, semi-finished products warehouse, and product testing areas.

Every step of the production process is strictly controlled in our company. We ensure great quality in every step, from the cutting of raw materials, processing, testing, assembly, to the testing when a crane is finished. Thus, every device we send to our customers can be quickly installed put into use with peace of mind.


We employ many different production machines, including 160t bending machine, 30m cast iron machined welding inspect work table, 300t double column hydraulic press, 60m / m automatic fillet welder, 10mm automatic welder, MZ-1000 AC, DC submerged arc welding machine, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine, plate cutting machine, bending machine, 2.5m double column vertical lathe, T68 boring machine, CNC cutting machine, shot blasting equipment, spray paint room and so on.

CNC cutting machine

Advanced cutting technology and automatic control technology are applied with our CNC cutting machine, which effectively controls the working process and improves both quality and efficiency.

Digital horizontal milling and boring machine

Compared with ordinary horizontal milling and boring machines, digital milling and boring machines make the process more intuitive and visible, and provides a higher level of boring precision.

3080 rocker drill

Rocker drilling can finish all kinds of drilling work on large and medium-sized parts including reaming, drilling, reaming and tapping work. With the rocker drill, the processing accuracy is greatly increased.

Shot Blasting Machine

The overall shot blasting pretreatment on our products can lead to surfaces of compressive state, this improves the hardness of our product surfaces.

Baking room

Compared to manual brushing and spraying, we make products with better appearance and higher corrosion resistance through baking room processing technology.

Wuxi Jushen Crane Co., Ltd.

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Wuxi Jushen Crane Co., Ltd.