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JST80 Curtain Wall Lifting Crane

Descriptions of Curtain Wall Lifting Crane
This curtain wall lifting crane is independently developed by Jushen Company. It is designed to solve the vertical transportation problems encountered on the job site when installing super high curtain walls on the high rise buildings. The lifting crane is installed in the building and is fixed to the building wall. This method is suitable for vertical transportation of high-rise building curtain wall unit plates, and can also be used for the lifting other equipment or goods. Its lifting mechanism adopts variable-pole three-speed motor and standard gearbox reducer, thereby achieving a heavy-load with low-speed or light-load with high-speed performance. It works stably and is highly efficient.

Lifting performance of Curtain Wall Lifting Crane
R(m) Ratio 3-13.5 14 16 18 20 22 24 25
Q(t) 2 6 5.75 4.97 4.36 3.87 3.48 3.15 3.0
Parameters of Curtain Wall Lifting Crane
Working class A4
Rated lifting torque 80 tm
Maximum working range 25m
Maximum lifting load 6t
Rated lifting load 3t
Maximum lifting height 500m
Overall height of machine 3.32m
Hoisting speed (double rate) 2.5-25 (m/min)
Luffing speed 40/20 (m/min)
Slewing speed 0.6 (r/min)
Overall machine weight (without counterweight) 16t
Counterweight 10t
Working wind-pressure 250 Pa
Non-working wind pressure 1100 Pa
Total power 40.8 kW
Working temperature (℃) -20~+40
X frame pivot space 3m×3m
Maximum support reaction (kN) 248kN (pressure); 93kN (pulling force)
Size table

Jushen is a leading construction crane manufacturer since 1974, an experienced 3 ton curtain wall lifting crane supplier, our company design and manufacture building construction machinery and engineering equipment as well as providing vertical lifting solutions for customers. Quality steel materials with complete manufacturing and testing process, make us provide quality building construction crane and custom cranes in specific demands.

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