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Construction Scaffold Tower

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The construction scaffold tower belongs to the Jushen series of building support systems, which is suitable for all kinds of large bridges, tunnels, railway systems and other construction projects.

Features of Construction Scaffold Tower
1. The steel frame (ID-tower) is made according to German Standards, featuring a simple structure, quick assembly and easy application.
2. Large loading capacity (abt 20KN), less land coverage (1*1m).
3. The whole construction scaffold tower is hot dip galvanized. Remove all burrs, sharp edges and warfs, galvanized colored evenly.

Technical parameters:
Type Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
8-A Frame I 1000 1000 abt16.1
8-B Frame II 1300 1000 abt 19.1
8-C End Frame 1000 1000 abt 15.8
8-D Brace 1400 \ abt 2.8
10-A Base Jack 500 \ abt 8
11-A Headjack 450 \ abt 8.2

Jushen is a reputable construction crane manufacturer since 1974, an experienced construction scaffold tower supplier, our company design and manufacture building construction machinery and engineering equipment as well as providing vertical lifting solutions for customers. Combining quality steel materials with machining equipment, we can provide quality building construction crane and custom steel structures in specific demands.

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