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Construction Hoist

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Product descriptions
The SC200 construction hoist is a dual-use elevator that effectively transports a wide range of building materials and construction personnel. Because the lift rail derrick is attached to the outside of the building, it is also known as an external elevator. It is the ideal vertical conveying mechanism in high-rise building construction, which can be connected with a large construction height without a cable-wind rope.

Technical parameters:
Rated load 2000/2000kg
Rated number of passengers 22/22
Hanging cage Size (length x Width x height) 3.2*1.5*2.4m
Standard section size (length x Width x height) 650*650*1508mm
Rated operating Speed 33 m/min
Standard installation Height 150 m
Height of ground base to cage bottom 460 mm
Wall Spacing 6~9 m
Guide Rail Rack Hanging height ≤7.5 m
Weight of the standard section (section) 140 kg
Weight of the whole machine 20000 kg
Counterweight /
Electrical parameters:
Power 11*3*2 kw
Working temperature -20~+40 ℃
Working voltage 380 v
Frequency 50 Hz

Note: A double cage construction hoist has three 11KW-motors, so the power is 11*3*2kw.

Product features:
1. The SC construction hoist has both single and double type cages, our customers can choose according to their needs.

2. The guide rail bracket and the mast-tie carried the galvanizing process, the outline structure of the cage is manufactured with aluminum or zinc coated plate, therefore featuring a smooth appearance, good corrosion resistance, light weight, etc.

3. Jushen has 40 years of experience and mature technology in welding.

Jushen is a reputable construction crane manufacturer since 1974, an experienced construction hoist supplier, our company design and manufacture building construction machinery and engineering equipment as well as providing vertical lifting solutions for customers. As we use quality steel materials, with a wide range of metal machining and testing equipment, we can provide quality building construction crane and custom construction hoists and elevators in specific demands.

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