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Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane

Jushen overhead or gantry cranes are often used to lift and move materials around workshops, warehouses, and other locations. Its ends are located on tall columns and are shaped like bridges. It features an electric hoisting mechanism, and the bridge runs longitudinally along the track laid on both sides. It can make full use of the space under the bridge frame to hoist the materials without the hindrance of the ground equipment.

This gantry crane is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses and other places that need to lift heavy objects. It is the most widely used and the most common lifting machinery.

    1. Single Girder Overhead Crane
    2. Single Girder Overhead CraneThe LDA type electric single beam overhead crane features a CD/MD electric hoist for its hoisting mechanism. The overhead crane operates on two parallel runways. The cranes are widely used in mining, warehouses, and other work sites that require heavy lifting.
    1. Double Girder Gantry Crane
    2. Double Girder Gantry CraneThe MG type double girder gantry crane consists of a bridge, trolley operation mechanism, trolley, electrical equipment and other components. It is suitable for general unloading and lifting of heavy materials in open warehouses and along railway lines.
    1. Double Girder Overhead Crane
    2. Double Girder Overhead CraneThe QD type electric double girder gantry crane is ideal for lifting jobs in mechanical processing, assembly workshops, metal structure workshops, metallurgy casting workshops, various kinds of warehouses, as well as the granular material transportation with fixed spans in metallurgical, cement and chemical industrial operations.
    1. Electric Overhead Travelling Crane
    2. Electric Overhead Travelling CraneThe LX electric single-girder overhead travelling crane chief components include, the main girder, a travelling bridge, electrical trolleys and a hoist. If used with the CD1, MD1electric hoist, the overhead travelling crane is a light rail-running crane.

Product features:

1. The electrical components and steel of this series of overhead cranes are produced by famous brands in China, for example, the electrical components are from Schneider, steel is produced by Angang and Magang Steel and so on. The quality is reliable.

2. 40-years of experience with welding technology are applied to ensure the structure of the overhead crane is stable.

3. The overall machine is pretreated with a shot blasting process, and the surface's de-rusting grade reaches Sa2.0-2.5 grade.

4. Jushen also can provide custom service of this crane series according to customer requests.

Jushen is a truthful construction crane manufacturer since 1974, an experienced overhead crane and gantry crane supplier, our company design and manufacture building construction machinery and engineering equipment as well as providing vertical lifting solutions for customers. As we use quality steel materials, with a wide range of metal machining and testing equipment, we can provide quality building construction crane and custom cranes in specific needs.

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