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WQ315 Luffing Jib Crane

Product descriptions
The WQ315 luffing jib crane lifting mechanism features a large cable capacity, and its starting lifting height reaches as high as 400 meters. The lifting rate has two options of 2 or 4. The WQ315 is able to work in a wide radius range. The radius of gyration is as high as 29.8m, and amplitude adjustment is supported with loads within the rated capacity, improving the construction efficiency.

Customize service is also available of this kind of crane by Jushen.

Angle of elevation 15 - 78°
Radis range 8.2 - 29.8m
Max. lifting capacity (at α= 4) 8.84 - 25t
Lifting capability:
lifting capability curve
Detailed Information:
(1) Lifting Mechanism:

Model 75JTVF63
Working level M4
Motor model YZTPF280S-6
Motor power 75kW
Reducer model V3SH12-80-A i=77.683
Lifting speed (Rate=4) 0-15m/min
Cable capacity 1600m
Steel cable 35Wx7-1770 Φ22
(2) Slewing Mechanism:
Model JH18T1
Working level M4
Motor Model YTRVF132M3-4F1
Motor power 9kW
Reducer ratio i=183
Slewing speed 0-0.57r/min
Output gear m=14, Z=12, x=+0.5, α=20°
Slewing bearing 131.40.1800.002, m=14, Z=145, x=+0.5
(3) Luffing Mechanism:
Model 30JTLF40L
Working level M4
Motor model YZPE200L-4
Motor power 30kW
Reducer model K157-70.1 i=70.48
Luffing speed 3.3m/min
Rope tension 40kN
Steel rope 35Wx7-1770 Φ18
Brake model SBD120D

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