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Tower crane

Tower cranes are large and powerful machines which often occupy large ground space during operation. They are primarily used for vertical and horizontal transportation of heavy construction materials and equipment for the building of large structures. The performance and technical parameters of Jushen tower cranes are outstanding compared to international standards. Our cranes work hard, last long and are competitively priced, so, with Jushen cranes you get incredible value!

    1. 4T QTZ40 Tower Crane
    2. 4T QTZ40 Tower CraneThe 4T QTZ40 tower crane features a robust lifting torque of 40 tm, its max lifting capacity is 4 tons. The max lifting capacity at its max radius of 45 meters is 0.8 ton. All assemblies of Jushen products are processed with a hot galvanizing technique, to ensure useful lifetime of 10 to 15 years.
    1. 4T QTZ63 Tower Crane
    2. 4T QTZ63 Tower CraneThe 4T QTZ63 Tower Crane has a lifting torque of 63 tm, its max lifting capacity is 4 tons. The max lifting capacity at its max radius of 50 meters is 1 ton. All assemblies of tower cranes produced by Jushen are pre-treated with a shot blasting process, the surface rust removal standard reached Sa2.0-2.5 grade.
    1. 6T QTZ63 Tower Crane
    2. 6T QTZ63 Tower CraneThe max lifting capacity at its max radius of 50 meters is 1 ton. The hoisting mechanism and slewing mechanism of all tower cranes produced by Jushen adopt variable frequency technology, rendering the operation smooth and free of shock.
    1. 8T QTZ80 Tower Crane
    2. 8T QTZ80 Tower CraneThe hoisting mechanism of the 8T QTZ80 tower crane feature a double speed, three-phase winding asynchronous motor drive, it works in coordination with the motor start speed regulation resistor and the eddy current brake. This significantly improves the motor's starting and adjusting performance.
    1. 10T QTZ125 Tower Crane
    2. 10T QTZ125 Tower CraneThe 8T QTZ125 tower crane has a lifting torque of 125 tm, its max lifting capacity is 10 tons. The max lifting capacity at its max radius of 60 meters is 1.5 tons. The hoisting, slewing and luffing mechanisms all adopt variable frequency systems, the frequency converters are from Yaskawa, Japan.
    1. 12T 16T QTZ250 Tower Crane
    2. 12T 16T QTZ250 Tower CraneJushen applies hydraulic jacking systems in all of its tower cranes in order to increase or decrease the standard sections of the cranes' bodies. This optimizes the adjustment of height according to the building height requirements. The lifting torque of the QTZ250 tower crane is 250 tm.

Product features:

1. High safety ratings ensuring reliable operation.
The tower cranes are deployed with high quality and effective safety devices, including a hoisting height limiter, trolley travelling limiter, moment limiter, lifting load limiter, slewing limiter, trolley protective rope (slipping protective) protection devices and trolley shaft anti-breakage devices, etc. The tower crane has high reliability and accuracy, ensuring its safe operation.

The hoisting rope adopts non-rotating steel wire ropes, which can prevent knotting of the steel wire rope during use, which can be dangerous and costly to fix.

2. High quality configurations make for smooth and durable use.
Electrical components and outsourcing accessories of the tower crane are supplied by domestically famous brand such as Schneider, frequency converters are from Japanese brand Yaskawa. The high quality components ensure the tower crane operates smoothly reliably, safely, and energy efficiently.

Materials of the tower crane are Q235 and Q345B supplied by Baogang Steel Company and Angang Steel Company, which have high weight bearing capacity and long service expectancies.

The railings of the platform and all small components of the mast are all galvanized, ensuring a service expectancy of 10-15 years.

The overall tower cranes all have whole shot peening treatment, the rust cleaning level reaches Sa2.0-2.5 standard. Painting is classified into painting and baking techniques. Clients can freely choose according to their needs. A whole painting can meet 5 years of continuous use.

The hoisting mechanism and the slewing mechanism both adopt variable frequency technique, making it operate smoothly and free of shock. Meanwhile, the maintaining cost is reduced and life expectancies of the structure and the transmission components are prolonged.

3. Various working modes and a wide scope of operation.
By changing, reducing and increasing some of the components and auxiliary devices, the tower crane is able to switch into fixed type, attached type and other kind of working modes, thereby meeting various user's requirements.

The lifting jib has multiple length combinations, increasing the working space and working scopes.

4. Simple and easy to use design.
The tower crane adopts hydraulic jacking system, enabling the mast rising or going down in accordance with the building height.

Customers can freely choose among angle steel, square tubes or chip type as the materials of the mast.

Independent cab is situated on the side of the tower crane's mast, providing good horizons for the operator. Air conditioner in the cab can also be provided as the customer requests, which maintains a comfortable environment for the operator.

Jushen is a leading construction crane manufacturer since 1974, an experienced tower crane supplier, our company design and manufacture building construction machinery and heavy engineering equipment as well as providing vertical lifting solutions for customers. As we use quality steel materials, with a wide range of metal machining and testing equipment, we can provide quality building construction crane and custom tower cranes in specific needs.

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