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8T QTZ80 Tower Crane

Descriptions of Tower Crane
The 8T QTZ80 tower crane features a dynamic lifting torque of 80 tm and max. lifting capacity of 8 tons. The max lifting capacity at its max radius of 60 meters is 1 ton.

The hoisting mechanism of the 8T QTZ80 tower crane feature a double speed, three-phase winding asynchronous motor drive, it works in coordination with the motor start speed regulation resistor and the eddy current brake. This significantly improves the motor's starting and adjusting performance. A multi-speed mechanism can gradually accelerate the machine and meet all performance requirements. The luffing mechanism adopts a planetary reducer with a simple structure and small size, which allows the lifting trolley to work at dual speeds of 20m/min and 40m/min, respectively. The slewing mechanism adopts the form of torque motor and planetary reducer, which can be regulated through the variable frequency system. Moreover, the structure is compact, the transmission efficiency is high and the noise is small.

Technical data:
Lifting height (m) Multiplying ratio Fixed type Attached type
α=2 48 147
α=4 48 75
Range (m) Max range 40/45/50/55/60
Min range 2.5
Maximum lifting capacity (t) 8
Working temperature (℃) -20~40
Total power (KW) 41.3 (excluding the hoisting mechanism motor power)
Size table
Jib length (m) Weight (t)
60 11
55 10.2
50 8.8
45 13.2
40 11.6
Configuration information:
(1) Hoisting mechanism:

Ratio α=2 α=4
Speed (m/min) 5~80 2.5~40
Lifting weight (t) 4~2 8~4
Motor type YZRDWFC250M1-4/8
Working class M5
Motor power (KW) 30/30
(2) Slewing mechanism:
Slewing velocity (r/min) 0~0.6
Motor type YLEW112M-55-4F1(F2)
Working class M4
Rated torque (tm) 55×2
Motor velocity (r/min) 1380
(3) Luffing mechanism:
Tractive speed (m/min) 20/40
Motor type YDEJ132S-4/8
Working class M4
Motor power (KW) 3.3/2.2
Motor velocity (r/min) 1500/750
(4) Jacking mechanism:
Jacking speed (m/min) 0.6
Motor type Y132M-4
Motor power (KW) 7.5
Motor velocity (r/min) 1440
Operating pressure (MPa) 25

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