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Flat Top Tower Crane

The flat top tower cranes designed and manufactured by Jushen feature a lever-less design, this decreases the height of the top of the tower crane. These pieces of machinery are especially suitable for cross construction of tower cranes and greatly increases the working efficiency of the cranes overall. The technical parameters and performance of our products have reached incredible levels on the international scale. So, you can't go wrong with Jushen Cranes!

    1. JST100 Flat Top Tower Crane
    2. JST100 Flat Top Tower CraneThe JST100 flat top tower crane features a powerful lifting moment of 100TM, and hefty lifting capacity of 8 tons. The lifting capacity on the maximum arm length, 60m, is an ample1 ton. This product features six different arm lengths: 60m, 55m, 50m, 45m, 40m and 35m, providing a wide operating space and useful area.
    1. JST125 Flat Top Tower Crane
    2. JST125 Flat Top Tower CraneJST125 Flat Top Tower Crane is designed for use in the construction of high-rise buildings. This Crane is characterized by a robust capability of a lifting torque of 125tm, with an amazing maximum lifting capacity of 8 tons and 1.6 tons on the maximum arm length of 60 meters. The lifting rope of the crane is resistant to twisting.
    1. JST160 Flat Top Tower Crane
    2. JST160 Flat Top Tower Crane The lifting capacity on the maximum arm length, 65m, is an abundant 1.6 tons. The electrical components and parts are supplied by well-known companies like Schneider and Yaskawa, these are names we can trust for reliability and long service life.
    1. JST315 Flat Top Tower Crane
    2. JST315 Flat Top Tower CraneThe lifting capacity on the maximum arm length, 74m, is 2.7 tons. Quality raw materials like, Q235 and Q345B steel from Baosteel and Ansteel are utilized in this crane to provide a high lifting capacity and long service life, providing excellent overall client value!


1. High safety, reliable operation ensured
Many different safety devices are equipped on our flat top tower cranes, including a starting lifting height limiter, trolley travelling limiter, crane moment limiter, lifting weight limiter, slew guard limiter, trolley wire protector and trolley axis protector. Safety, reliability and accuracy is guaranteed during operation.

The lifting cable does not rotate, and is especially suitable for high-rise constructions.

2. Stable and durable parts
The electrical components and parts are all made by trustworthy suppliers. Our electrical components are made by Schneider and inverters are purchased from Yaskawa, so that the tower crane works more stably, safely, and with a higher reliability and efficiency.

Q235 and Q345B steel of Baosteel and Ansteel is used in this product to provide a high lifting capacity and long working lifetime.

All the small components in the platform railings and tower crane have undergone a hot galvanizing process, and a lifetime of 10-15 years is guaranteed.

A pre-treatment of shot blasting is applied on the whole tower machine, with surface anti-rust level of Sa2.0-2.5; two kinds of coating, sprayed and baked, is provided to meet durability requirements. One painting can last 5 years of continuous use.

Frequency conversion technology is adopted in all of the lifting and slewing mechanisms, making the operation smooth and impact-free, while reducing the maintenance cost and protecting the transmission parts from wear at the same time.

3. Multiple working ways and wide working area
Our tower crane can work in either fixed or attached style. Users can switch between the two by changing or applying some components to meet their different needs.

Different combinations of arm length are provided to widen the operating space and working area.

4. User friendly designed
The tower crane uses a hydraulic lift, so that the tower height can change accordingly to the building height.

In terms of the body parts, we provide options of angled steel, square tubes and plates.

An independent cab is set at the side of tower crane to provide a good view. The optional air-conditioner can provide the operator with a better working environment.

Jushen is a leading construction crane manufacturer since 1974, an experienced flat top tower crane supplier, our company design and manufacture building construction machinery and engineering equipment as well as providing vertical lifting solutions for customers. As we use quality steel materials, with a wide range of metal machining and testing equipment, we can provide quality building construction crane and custom machines in specific needs.

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